Municipal Development Plan


Falher Municipal Development Plan


The Town of Falher has completed the Municipal Development Plan (MDP)!

What is a Municipal Development Plan?

The MDP is a long-range strategic document intended to guide the growth and development of a municipality into the future.

It identifies the vision, principles, goals and objectives that a municipality has set for itself on a long-range timeline.  Typical MDPs reach approximately 20 years into the future, and may have goals and objectives that are achievable over a 1 to 5 year period, 6 to 10 years, and all or more years.

What is in an MDP?

MDPs generally encompass a range of topic areas that may be considered the building blocks of municipality.

It must address several areas including:

  • Future land use and development;
  • Transportation systems;
  • Intermunicipal planning;
  • Municipal services and facilities; and

The MDP may also address:

  • Environmental issues;
  • Economic constraints; and
  • Financial resources

Community Consultation

Step 1: The Municipal Survey is now complete.

Step 2: Community Survey Report

The Community Survey Report is a summary and analysis of the responses that were received between June 21 to September 7, 2016. Thank you to all who participated in the survey, your feedback has been very valuable!


The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency, with guidance from MDP Steering Committee, completed a draft of the Municipal Development Plan for the community and was passed by Council on October 11, 2016.

Follow the links below to review the draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP). A paper copy is available at the Town office.

MDP Part A
MDP Part B
MDP Part C
MDP Part D
MDP Part E
MDP Part F


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